Created in 2014, Nostruckture is an international collective of artists, freaks and musicians who are all connected with a travelling project mixing mainly : cabaret, circus shows, music but also art installation, videos, sculptures and walk-about.

The collective built its own stage in 2015 based on a truck converted into a big boat. The ship moves from place to place with a unique program of artistic performances. The crew is growing along the way and the shows are inspired by the journey. Artists come from different places, horizons and continents. Performances generally happen as a cabaret variety show involving various and unexpected disciplines from across the arts.

Nostruckture is an open project, a platform that connects all the pieces together. Everything is maliable to allow changes and new experiences. Rooted deeply on the road, embracing the surprises and the meeting of new creative people. Sailing a multinational crew with people from Germany, France, England, Italia, Colombia, Spain, Poland, Austria.