The ship has been through many travels and carries the marks of them. You feel them in the set-up and the crew. The structure is between a boat and a truck, so the story comes from the sea but is also inspired by life on the road. Our decor reveals a mechanic underworld.

The structure has three levels : the main stage in the middle, a front stage and the roof stage under the sails. (See technical plan bellow). he artist’s utilise the entire ship ; acting as if they were at sea. All the crew are dressed to impress with costuming in keeping with the theme. Special effects include fire, smoke, canon, fights and video mapping. The small details finish the theatrics providing a special environment for unforgettable nights. Sea monsters, jelly fish, or pulp turn and twist mechanically around the ship..

We work in partnership with « Raiz Sound system and lights », who manage to adapt the technics at each show.

We can provide a complete area with interactive games, side-shows, animations, bar and food aroundthe stage.(Cie Karnival, from France : funfair games made of recycled materials and wood)