The Nostruckture crew is multinational : english, german, colombian, spanish, French, italian, polish, austrian... It grows up according to the journeys and meet. The ship gathers and allows everyone to share and present their art and his ideas.

The Crew

The Nostruckture crew is composed of the ship design & creation team that takes care of the assembly of the structure, and prepare it for each trip; actors, musicians and circus artists who enliven him with their artistic performances during the events, and finally the sound technique team and light that maneuver.

So far, representations take place in the form of cabaret conducted by Mr. or Mrs. Loyal introducing the shows of artists and weave a link between them. We are nevertheless in the process of creating a show, staying on this variety base and developing it especially for the structure of the scene.

Deco : creation of the stage struckture

- Chris, Allemagne : Metal and wood.
- Rico, Allemagne : wood + various material.
- Enrick, France : Metal and wood.
-Nono, France : Metal and wood.
- Stephan, Autriche : Metal.

Technical Managers, sounds and lights

Severals technicians follow the Nostruckture project and work for the show and concerts.
- Lights : Skwal and Ozi
- Sound : Biggins, Ozi and Alex Raiz

Actors and circus artists

- Amy Guayo / Uk, Circus : Aerial Loop and Hoola hoop
- Avi Tal / Uk, aerial circus and contorsion
- Bang Crosby / Uk, burlesque Clown + presentation + Live Music
- Chacha La Farouche and Jesus / France : burlesque performance + live music.
- Cirkonexion, el mejor del peor !! Circo latino de Columbia : Alejo y Chipote
- Eva Clumsy / Italie : Pole de danse et performance burlesque
- Jenny Way / France : Performance queer
- Pickle, Rag and Bone Circus : Disobedient limbs : Static trapeze
- Sam Kakamikaz : Acrobatic and aerial circus.

Musical artists :

- Al-J Mestizo, sicilian selector / dj : Balkan Beats, Electroswing, NuCumbia, Tropical Bass, Global Bass, World Beats....
- Anita Underkonstruction, Uk : Old school techno music
- Asphalt Pirates, France : Hypnotic Analog live
- Bad Fractals, Uk : Acid Punk, Malevolent Music Hall, Trailer Trash Blues
- Biggins IRD, Uk : Drum n bass & Various
- Freddy Frog , France : Live Frogstep, jungle, Tribe, Clownstep
- Raiz : Fluff Raiz, Reggae, Balkan, jungle, Drum n Bass & Ozi Oz-Ram Raiz, Uk : Drum n Bass, Jungle, reggae, Balkan tropical...